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Oral sex and missionary position. Some bedrooms are stereotyped.

The Czechs do not care about the size of the penis, they rather evaluate its diameter. Another finding of the new survey is the fact that Czechs tend to suffer from a classic missionary position or a position from behind or on hobbies.

The time when sex was taboo and most Czechs were ashamed to talk about it at all is long gone. This is due to the wide and easily accessible information that can be found thanks to the Internet. This was also confirmed by a survey of more than seven hundred customers of the Pink Elephant sex shop, which revealed several findings.

Most respondents (45%) indulge in love a few times a month, 35% intimately get closer to their partner two to three times a week. More sexually active individuals, who enjoy more than four times a week, make up only 7%.

We don’t mess with imagination too much Another area examined was the popularity of various locations. It turned out that the Czechs are not exactly inventive types with a passion for kamasutra. “The most common is the classic missionary position. Of course, the position from behind and for hobbies is very popular, “says Adam Durčák, marketing director of the sex shop.

Other practices include oral sex (78% of respondents), erotic massages (38%), joint porn (25%), anal sex (20%), outdoor sex (18%) and BDSM. Six to eight percent of respondents love role-playing games, disguises and costumes in the bedroom, and the same number of Czechs like to go to sex somewhere where they can be caught.

Masturbation is also common in a relationship The survey also focused on self-satisfaction in partnership. The results show that 86% of men and 45% of women masturbate, even though they are in a relationship. Men are mostly engaged in masturbation at a young age, women around the age of 30. The questionnaire also found out how often women reach climaxes during autoerotics and making love with their partner.

“When masturbating, women reach orgasm much earlier, in about 3 to 5 minutes, while during sex in about 20 minutes,” Durčák from escort Hanoi describes.

However, eight percent of the women surveyed have never experienced an orgasm and 44% would like to experience it more often. Thirty percent of women have ever experienced a wet orgasm, and only one percent are able to reach orgasm simply by stimulating the breasts.

Five to eight seconds at the top. Female orgasm celebrates her international day

The goal of the International Day of Women’s Orgasm, which falls on August 8, is to remind us that sex can also be enjoyed by a woman. Long-term surveys by the Institute of Sexology show that approximately 70 percent of Czech women sometimes pretend to have an orgasm during sex, with less than a third of women never “playing” the climax.

In the medical dictionary, orgasm is described as a sexual culmination, the essence of which are involuntary contractions of the pelvic muscles and the muscles of the organs in the small pelvis associated with a strong emotional experience. In women, it is associated with strong regular contractions of part of the vagina and uterus, lasting an average of five to eight seconds.

International Women’s Orgasm Day originally originated in Brazil where many escorts from Rio de Janeiro are, but soon spread throughout the world. There are about ten percent lifelong anorgastic women and about a third of women do not reach orgasm regularly, many of them rather rarely.

There are many myths associated with female orgasm, such as that the length of a partner’s penis is important for women’s sexual satisfaction. Continuous sexological research confirms that women, according to their own expressions, need the most for their excitement and appreciate touch and caress. Fatigue, migraines or overwork usually predominate among the reasons why they refuse sex. Almost a third of women prefer to pretend to sleep instead of having sex. The intercourse and overture of Czech couples then lasts on average 14 to 16 minutes, with a frequency of about twice a week.

Go away with boredom. Give back the sex grads, banish the stereotype from the bedroom

Whether we like it or not, over time, stereotype sneaks into every relationship. And it can have devastating consequences, especially if you settle in your bedroom.

Stereotype belongs to our lives - at least to some extent -. Although we may not like to admit it… These are all the small and big things that happen day after day in a fixed regime: morning brushing teeth, walking the dog in the same park, afternoon coffee at work with a colleague from the next office, evening watching the series or maybe a lot of laundry every Saturday morning.

And it must be said that this is not always wrong - stereotypes (or if you want certain rituals) keep order in our lives and give us a subconscious sense of security. Some of them we like, for many we don’t even realize how deeply ingrained they are in us, and others hell us. However, breaking down such years of established habits is not always easy - especially when it comes to such a sensitive area as sexuality.

Every problem is easier to solve if we approach it positively. And so let’s try it in this case as well. The stereotype in a relationship doesn’t really have to be something negative: remember all the little rituals and common habits that create a feeling of intimacy between you and bring you closer. Whether it’s a long weekend breakfast, a pair of wines after putting the kids to bed, or a walk together at the farmers market on Saturday mornings.

“Even a very good partnership lies largely on the stereotype. This is not a bad thing. On the contrary, the stereotype, if it does not prevail, provides peace for the partnership and helps to cope more easily with unexpected situations that bring us stress and restlessness, “points out psychologist Erika Matějková from sex girl Johannesburg.

Even in sex, a certain degree of monotony is not necessarily completely bad. Isn’t it nice when your partner doesn’t have to think about you, but knows exactly when and where to reach and what to do to satisfy you? And, of course, vice versa… There are days when fatigue or other circumstances simply prevail, and none of the lovers want to come up with new exciting scenarios - and then such a “safe bet” is very useful.

“My friend and I recently watched an evening movie on TV. We were both in sweatpants, tired, in short, such a classic boring weekday evening, definitely nothing extra sexy. When the commercials started in the middle of the film, we looked at each other and it was clear to us that we both had a desire for sex, but definitely nothing complicated. So a few learned tricks and moves and that was it. We managed to do it to our mutual satisfaction during the advertising break and we were able to continue watching TV in peace. We laughed for a long time at how well matched we are and what we can do in a few minutes. Even though there was nothing new or revealing about it, I realized how wonderful it is - you simply won’t experience it with anyone other than a long-term partner. And even though sometimes some of our sexual practices don’t seem as exciting to me as long as at the beginning, I realized that I wouldn’t actually exchange this bit of my boring stereotype for anything, “says Andrea, 33, who lives with her current boyfriend for five years.

But there is nothing to exaggerate. And just as a stereotype can be relieving and enjoyable, it can be extremely overwhelming - especially when it takes control of your partner’s life. Once everything has been running in the unchanging, rutted tracks for a long time, most people will get bored. And the longer this condition lasts, the more difficult it is to get out of it. Especially when one of the couple is actually satisfied with the state of affairs (or at least looks like that on the outside).

Sometimes it gets so far that one of the couple starts avoiding intimacy rather than experiencing the same scenario every night. You know - even the best food you just want one day. What can you do at such a time so that you don’t hurt the other person and cause an even deeper crisis?